BARTG Contest Results BARTG Championship 2017   
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With all contest results now in, the winners of the championship tables are revealed.

Congratulations to :-

LY6A for winning SOE, and to YO3RU and UT5EPP for a podium finish.

IU4CHE for winning SOAB, and to OF3OJ,EM2G, F6AGM, and YU7MM for a podium finish.

GW0A for winning SOAB100, and to N1IXF, and UV7V for a podium finish.

SB0A for winning SOABQRP, and to OH2LU and CX1BXE for a podium finish.

The Champion of Champions, aka 'Diddler of the Year 2017' goes to GW0A for his SOAB100 entry with the highest combined score of 3000. A close second place goes to LY6A in SOE.

Thank you to all who took part in BARTG contest over the year and I hope you will enjoy the 2018 season.

73 de Simone Wilson

BARTG Contest Manageress.

BARTG Championship 2017