BARTG Contest Results BARTG Championship 2019   
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With the four BARTG contests complete, the results of the 2019 Championship are revealed.

The SOE Champion for 2019 is 9A1CRT

The SOAB Champion for 2019 is OH2HAN

The SOAB100 Champion for 2019 is GW0A

The SOABQRP Champion for 2019 is YP8W

BARTG also presents a trophy to the `Diddler of the Year' The winner of the trophy is the Champion of Champions and this year this is GW0A with a total score of 3694.

Congratulations to all our Champions and especially to our Diddler of the Year.

I thank all who participate in our contests and hope that you enjoyed participating in them BARTG's contests are amongst the most popular RTTY events held each year not only with the numbers of entrants but also the even larger number of stations who enthusiastically give points away to entrants. It is their participation that makes the contests so vibrant and enjoyable. I hope to see your callsign in the list once again in 2020.

Simone Wilson

BARTG Contest manageress

BARTG Championship 2019